Natural pest control

Made from modified cedar and essential oils.

Pheromone interrupters impairs non-beneficial insects

The aroma acts as a barrier and repellant while the oil kills or incapacitates pests

Safe to spray around people and pets

Our products are known to control ants, mosquitoes, fleas, moths, no-see-ums, roaches, and many more pests.

Creating veteran Entrepreneurs

Veterans serving homeowners with organic products proudly made in America

Natural Pest Control

Why use harmful restricted pest control chemicals when you can go totally “green” using our natural mosquito and insect control?

Operation Organic products help control

Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ants, No-see-ums, Roaches, and many more! We also have a full line of outdoor cleaning products for mold and mildew.

Protect your pets

Our special formulas are the safest products on the market for your pet’s outdoor areas. The products help protect them from fleas, mosquitoes, ticks without the use of neurotoxins.

Operation Organic feature products

Our feature product is not only a great repellant and barrier product but it will kill pests its directly sprayed on!.


The Latest Buzz

Custom formulations

The products are minimum risk. Custom formulations are available for geographic regions to insure seasonal insect control needs.


… and START eliminating mosquitos and many more pests by using our organic pheromone interrupter.

Known to be non-toxic to Bees & Butterflies

Our natural, organic Operation Organic Spray is non-toxic and non-repellent to honey bees and butterflies, who are are essential to pollination within our natural ecosystem. Pesticides, alone and in combination with other...